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  • Price: $53,000
  • Year: 2022
  • Model: X3
  • Listing ID: 6073657
  • Partner ID: 5032086454
  • Posted On: Jun 4, 2024
  • Updated On: Jun 11, 2024


2022 Patriot X3 (gen1). Used 1 year. Excellent condition.

Add on Options include: side slide out tray.

Front BBQ swing with included Weber grill.

2 propane tanks.

Non installed but included additional bed fold up.

Awning full wall kit (this allows you to enclose the awning in foul weather and add a large protected outdoor space. This was only used a couple times but saved our trip).

Kitchen propane stove.

Domestic 75 dual zone fridge.

For the adventurer these trailers are in a league of their own. The quality is as good as they advertise. I'd suggest watching the Patriot Camper walk throughs. The Cruisemaster suspension is unlike anything I've experienced which makes the trailer pull like a dream, and it is capable of following your tow rig anywhere you want to go. We found the maneuverability was invaluable to pick the nice spots bigger rigs couldn't get into, then just level out the air suspension and camp is set.

We found the X3 to be a nice balance between having a comfy indoor space with room to stand and change and lounge in bad weather, while emphasizing being outdoors. The kitchen and the area under the awning make a great hang out and easy to set up camp space. Storage seems limitless as we were never able to run out.

Be warned though, you will get asked about it at every gas station.

Our family size has increased so we are being forced into a more boring larger unit.

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