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  • Price: $22,000
  • Year: 2019
  • Model: IMAGINE 3000QB
  • Listing ID: 5157813
  • Partner ID: 5031291207
  • Posted On: Apr 5, 2024
  • Updated On: Apr 16, 2024


I purchased this 4 season RV and became a 3rd owner November, 2022. The RV has stayed local to Houma and has only been taken to Lafayette and back to Houma once.

The RV is in great shape, kept insured, protected and maintained. I'm an aircraft mechanic and I had found it nessesary eventually to replace all the water plumbing with residential quality piping and replaced all cheap rv fittings with quality fittings to the fixtures. I had removed and sold away the deterioating and flaking theater seating in the living area and instead, built myself a computer desk in its place which i'm keeping. This RV is 50amp and has 2 working airconditions which were installed at factory. The queen mattress was replaced with a quality one and I installed a fully enclosed mattress protector as well as a pillow soft topper. No mold or mildew was ever allowed to accumalate and I have kept the unit powered up and plugged in, climate controlled and dehimidified since the day I bought it. There are water stains on the floor by the bathroom door from before I purchased it, but no soft spots that I'm aware of. It was the result of one rainwater leak that was comming from the wall kitchen stove vent which I had promptly dissasembled, repaired, and sealed properly with no further issues or leaks noted to date.

I will be including some basic and stock items with the RV such as:
- original bunk bed cushions
- power dog-bones allowing adaptation from 50 -> 30 -> 15 amp
- original and in great condition 30ft, 50amp power cord
- 50amp surge protector with the led lights to monitor quality and reverse polarity and stuff
- weight distrubution hitch with extra arms the original owner gave me with the proper hitch and reciever and ball
- 2 tvs, one in kitchen, and one in master bed, with their remotes
- winegard air tv booster that works
- gas stove and oven work great
- gas furnace works great and saved my bacon on more than a couple occasions
- refrigerator works on gas and electric
- water heater works great on gas and electric
- wireless reverse/backup camera installed on rv only used once and works great
- RV bumper hitch adaptor only used for a bike rack once
- large and clean/unused area mat for like under the awning
- lego style looking jack pads
- assorted sewer hose adaptor and clear elbow. no sewer hose included; trashed it, buy new for your own flavor
- new shower head

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