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  • Price: $55,000
  • Year: 2021
  • Property ID: 2283587
  • Partner ID: 5025469987
  • Posted On: Mar 28, 2023
  • Updated On: May 2, 2023


Single owner. Everything works. Purchased right as Covid was kicking off before a lot of quality issues transpired. True Residential Fridge, dual battery, solar, and inverter. Well tested from TX, to VA, to FL and all in between.

Under 5 Year Extended Warranty.

We full timed in this rig for a little over a year and have worked all of the (exceptionally few, well done Grand Design) kinks out. For a camper, we couldn't believe how comfortable it was. Its effectively a small apartment on wheels.

- vented splendide washer dryer
- Lippert Tire Pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Checks pressure and temperature. Fantastic addition for long trips, especially where its hot like the South East.
- Inverter
- Solar
- Full Size residential Fridge
- Blue Ox SwayPro weight distribution hitch

Modifications made:
- White paint to the walls for a brighter roomier feel.
- Removed the OEM bathroom cabinet for additional head room, and more modern appearance
- Removed the shower glass door and track (less weight, easier to clean)
- Put a full size residential fridge in (no ice maker - less parts to break/maintain). Will truly freeze your icecream. OEM fridge miserably failed at this, and had half the storage space.
- Solar, dual battery + inverter. Will keep fridge running up to ~48 hrs without being plugged in. Don't need propane to keep cold.
- Upgraded 5 leaf axle springs (under warranty with GD approval!) The OEM 4 leaf springs commonly wear flat quickly under sustained weight so these will last you!
- Mattress comes with if desired, is a guest room mattress from our home with little to no use. Not the one we used full time in the trailer.
- Splendide vented washer dryer unit. If you don't want it we will discount $700 and remove it.
- Bunkhouse sofa removed so crib could occupy space. You aren't missing anything, wasn't comfortable.

Care and Use:
We full timed in it. Every single thing on this trailer has been tested, survived thousands of miles of travel, or repaired. Roof is routinely inspected for leaks and sealed with manufacturor's recommended self leveling sealant. RV washed by hand multiple times per year to protect appearance etc.

We commonly weighed the trailer to ensure we were under its rated capacity. Its been on the road every 6 months or less - ergo no tire rot, or brake/bearing issues as they're exercised.

Stuff that doesn't work:
- One of the couch seats doesn't fully light up.

Can deliver in the South East within reason.

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