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  • Year: 2022
  • Model: TELLARO 20AT
  • Property ID: 1730702
  • Partner ID: 5022554878
  • Posted On: Aug 9, 2022
  • Updated On: Aug 19, 2022

Property Description

Only Dual Lithium Battery Pack* on this site with 2/190 watt charging solar cells including "Auto Start" feature monitoring the 3000 watt electric system, starting the engine when power drops below 42% (Note:Lithium batteries hold their output voltage consistantly so all electric always works! However, Lead batteries constantly drop their output when using forcing shut down of electric systems in those RV's and the Generator version are so loud you cannot sleep and it wakes the neighbours. Not worth the cost savings that these dealers are selling you)

This is the best kept, upgraded with features no other RV on this site has. Top of the Line!

Completly "Boondockable" (No Camp Site Required) Completly self sustaining, winterized* for mountain ski trips or sunny Florida beachs

Covid Safe Protected Family Enviornment
For cross country trips use thousands of Wallmart Superstores that allow FREE overnight parking and are surrounded with very nice resturants. Wake up and buy breakfast at the store and continue with your trip

This coach provides everything you need: two-burner gas cooktop, microwave, wet bath, under bed stoage and a poptop sleeps up to 4, 24" TV on adjustable arm to view in/outdoor, large skylight in the living area

Wineguard long range, up to 1 mile Wifi supports phone sims and a TV tuner

Locate RV from cell phone w/Wineguard GPS or the Viper GPS alarm system w/shock alarm and remote control

Thule 2 Bike Rack

Stock 4 pin trailer hitch upgraded to 7 pin towing allowing breaking on trailer

After market SumoSprings Front & Rear Kit, stabalizes on freeway with full tanks (60 gal) and towing

Ring Cams (optional) Cell Phone alerts when someone aproaches. Allows you to see whose outside

Skylight retractable rooftop comes with an additional sleeping area

This Tellaro 20AT Ultra, provides every electrical features Plus the Rapid Camp+ multiplex wiring control system allows you to control your coach at the touch of a button via main control center or your smartphone

Fully loaded cockpit comes with 7" touchscreen dash radio with Carplay and Apple/Android Auto, reverse backup camera and monitor systems like tire pressure etc

*Dual Lithium batteries were additional $
*Winterized consult manuel for proper set up
*2021 Dodge ProMaster 3500 only 17,000 miles Thor Factory Updated all RV components to 2022 Tollero 20AT

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