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  • Price: $78,000
  • Year: 2019
  • Model: SEISMIC 4013
  • Property ID: 1514905
  • Partner ID: 5017817629
  • Posted On: Sep 14, 2021
  • Updated On: Sep 21, 2021

Property Description

We bought and lived in this RV as a family of 4 while transitioning from one house to another in San Diego. We originally bought it in Feb 2021 (8 months ago) for 92,000 and it was basically brand new, it had only been slept in twice. Since then we've added a slew of upgrades:- 2 Solar panels + inverter- Pepwave Max Wave Transit module with a 7-in-1 4G antenna. This enables you to get GPS positioning as well as mix internet from several sources including WiFi (2G/5G), 2 4G/LTE bands (T-mobile, ATT, Sprint, Verizon, etc), and ethernet for a direct line, i.e Cox, Spectrum, ATT, whatever your site gets you. You can combine these signals for speed fusion or fallbacks. Great for working remote.- 3 Mesh deco routers spread throughout the RV to maximize connectivity for n/ac bands.- Did an office conversion in the garage area with a large ULINE packing table, VESA monitor mount included.- Replaced the TV in the lounge with a Samsung smart TV already wired up to the internet- Added a top of the line ventless LG washer/dryer combo. Thoroughly washes and dries loads completely in one go. Awesome time saver.- Added permanent rubber boots to all 6 Lippert auto-leveling system legs to not damage any concrete slabs and also, it looks really nice.- 3 stage water filtration system and a double sized sodium chloride water softener. The plumbing for the system is no disconnect, i.e only requiring toggling valves in order to bypass lines when regenerating the water softener.All the purchases listed above were made with new parts ordered in 2021, so you're already getting top of the line equipment. I'm a remote software engineer and I do several zoom calls a day plus require lots of data bandwidth.Usage:We never owned a truck. We always hired a transporter to tow our home from site to site. We also never left Southern California. Only stayed at Palm Springs, El Cajon, San Diego, Mission Valley, and Hemet. All in all I say we travelled just under 2000 miles. The tires have less than 5k miles on them and were purchased 3 years ago as an upgrade. They have been covered at every site using UV protection wheel covers to ensure we keep them at high integrity.Extras:We will keep a lot of extra items in the RV for your convenience. An outdoor table, extra containers for your clean water system, replacement anodes for your water heater, spare filters for the water filtration, rock salt for regenerating the water softener, etc.Rare opportunity!

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