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  • Price: $36,000
  • Year: 1987
  • Model: CHIEFTAIN
  • Property ID: 1453824
  • Partner ID: 5016768292
  • Posted On: Jun 8, 2021
  • Updated On: Oct 15, 2021

Property Description

Wally the Winnebago.

Wally is a 1987 Winnebago Chieftain 22 RC.

He came home with us four years ago.

Where? We bought him from a couple in Florida.

The couple quit the restoration due to wanting more space. Possibly the price to restore him.

I have previously restored a few sailboats and a motorhome prior to Wally.

We had a big adventure ahead of us and my wife was scared to drive my other Class A (over 33 feet). We also love classic cars, trucks and boats. Wally spoke to us and we had to have him.

We have restored/remodeled most of him & mechanically he has new transmission,etc. just ask I ran out of space here.

  He has been cross country twice with us. There hasnt been a time in any part of his remodel did people not stop us and ask questions. Some even wanted to take photos with him.

At one Walmart years ago Winnebago was doing a delivery and wanted to take a look around. They were impressed with him not only being on the road but what we had accomplished. They put us on their social media website. He has been our happy place.

Why sell?
We no longer live on the road full time. Wally is stored. My goal was to take him to the Winnebago Rally every year. But we both have other things that we want to do when we get precious free time. My wife has said that it would be best if he went to a home that would love and continue to restore and show him. He is a motorhome. He is meant to explore. Not be hibernating. I agree with her.

Even though I am starting the process of "letting go". I am not desparate enough to just let him go. I have taken out a year long ad here on RV trader. I will wait for the right person.

I had him listed locally where lots of people wanted him. Some, young men that wanted "to party" and hit the road. Some families. Some full timers. I did not sell. I felt he would have been abused. I put too much into him for that.

Many people that are not full timers don't think about certain things. This is not Full time motorhome. We explored America twice. Yet we went with very minimal items and had a trailer for extra storage space. We glamor camped or parked in Walmart over night. We did NOT drive him all day. Usually 2-3 hours to next town, no more than 5 hours. We usually took small highways rather than interstates. Because he is older, doesn't go fast and the speed of big rigs make him sway.

He is a climber though. I would pick him over my newer motorhome. Never had a problem in Tahoe or mountain passes.

I want him to go to a collector or tinker. To see him live on.  If some wants a cheaper RV there are plenty out there. Class A’s at this length that can get in and out of all fed and state parks.

That’s gold!

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