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  • Price: $1,400,000
  • Purchase Method: Cash, New Loan
  • Property ID: 1320869
  • Posted On: Sep 8, 2020
  • Updated On: Sep 8, 2020

Property Description

Truman Lake Resort, a family campground, fishing and vacation oriented, near the Fairfield boat ramp on Truman Lake in Missouri, is for sale. Our website is Please take a look for a pretty good idea what we're about. If you think you might be seriously interested, please call me, the owner, at 660-723-7379, for any and all information. I am not selling through a broker - you will be talking with me, the owner, directly.

90% yearly customer retention, 2 people (or 1 busy one) can run it

Gross sales in both 2018 and 2019 were $140,000. Cash flow to owner (excluding stuff like mortgage payments, personal expenses, etc.) was $111,500.

We have:
- 66 acres, over half not yet developed
- 115 annually-leased RV sites averaging 95% occupancy (with vacancies used for overnight campers)
- 58 partitioned self-storage units averaging 90% occupancy (rented mainly by boat owners who also rent campsites)
- a mobile home with a good tenant
- a fully-stocked seasonal convenience store with fishing bait and tackle (busy in spring and summer, closed in winter)
- a ranch-style home with 2-car garage and a walk-out basement apartment (3 bedrooms upstairs, 2 downstairs) which we've been living in but would also make a good vacation rental
- a detached garage big enough to fit 4 cars or make a good workshop
- playground
- shower house
- coin-operated laundry room
- stable year-round rental income with extra seasonal income from the c-store, which is busy weekends, holidays, and whenever the fish are biting (which is a lot of the time)

It is ready for you to step into and take over. Turn-key.

The only thing it doesn't have is a pool and cabins, and I'd been planning to build those, eventually more sites too (there's demand for all that) but my wife says sell so all that's on hold. And like they say, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

It's been a good business for us for going on 10 years. Income has grown every year since I've been here and this year is on track to be our best yet.

Less than half of our 66 acres are currently developed. There's room to double the number of campsites and storages, with the remaining rolling wooded terrain perfect to develop trails or other amenities for outdoor recreation.

Very low property taxes and unrestrictive building codes, zoning, and other regulations, and reasonable local labor costs would make expanding this campground very feasible for the right owners.

It even comes with a backhoe for digging, dump truck for hauling dirt and gravel, and crawler-loader for pushing out space for new sites (if you want all that and don't haggle me hard on the price). I'll even throw in the portable band sawmill for cutting cabin timbers and the pile of white oak logs if the deal is easy.

Camping is a stable business. No matter what the economy does or what turmoil is going on in the city, people need recreation and vacation, and camping is a relatively low-cost way to do that. And fishing: folks gotta eat! The only variable is how fancy a boat and RV they bring. (But if things get really bad, you can still turn it into a trailer court, lol.)

For us this year, we've found that with all the virus concerns and other turmoil in the cities, business has actually increased - the folks we host want to get away from it all.

A family campground is a perfect place to raise a family, teach your kids good work ethic and maybe someday pass the place on to them, with winters basically free to travel, earn other income, or whatever, if those are things you have in mind to do. But for us, our kids are still too young and the wife says sell, so that's what were going to try.

Please contact me if you are serious and have or can get the financing. To close a sale, all we need is for you to come take a look, we pick a closing date, pick a price, call the lady at the local land title office who will draw up a contract for us, meet there, do the deal, and it is yours.


37394 Hwy K, Warsaw, MO 65355


  • Laundromat
  • Storage
  • Boat Access
  • Manager Office
  • Bathhouse
  • Store
  • Wifi
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Park Information

Number of RV Lots: 115
Year Built: 1990
Average RV Lot Rent: $1,313
Size: 66.0 acre(s)

Financial Information (Actual)

Gross Income $240,000
Operating Expense $128,500
Net Operating Income $111,500
Expense Ratio 53.5 %
Debt Info

Utility Information

Water: Well
Sewer: Septic

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