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Twain Store & RV Park

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Twain Store & RV Park

RV Park/Campground for Sale in Twain, California

130 Twain Store Rd
Twain, CA 95984

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RV Park/Campground for Sale

Year Built: 1999
Number of RV Lots: 9
Size: 5 acre(s)
Purchase Method: Cash, Seller Financing
Status: Active
Property ID: 362268
Posted on: Feb 10, 2013
Updated on: Jul 21, 2014

Property Description

Now reduced! Owner to carry part
Retired but not ready to retire? This property will provide you with a comfortable home in a beautiful setting and just enough work to keep you busy.
General Store and small RV Park in the Feather River Canyon, at 2800 ft elevation.Groceries, deli, propane, laundromat, showers, picnic area. Close to fishing, camping, hunting, skiing. Good ATV and gold mining area. Great potential for expansion.
Attached two bdrm home with deck and spa, workshops, garage, several outbuildings. Situated on approx 5 acres of Forest Service leased land, this business has been in place since 1958.
The property is in the Feather River Canyon, right off Highway 70 and is approximately 5 acres. It is about 100 yards from the river and most of the river access is on National Forest land. Although the town, Twain, has a couple hundred residents, the only thing on Twain Store Rd is the store, the Post Office and two residences. The majority of the business comes from the campgrounds, the highway and tourists (fishermen etc.).
We have had many events in our picnic area. In the past we have had Spring Opening parties, Halloween parties and Community breakfasts. The community uses the area for many different get-togethers and meetings.
The store can be operated Year-round or Seasonally as the RV Park pretty well empties’ out in the winter. There is plenty to do in the summer and the winters are slow and quiet. We have lived there for 30 years. It’s a beautiful area with summers getting up to 90 degrees or so and winters with some snow that doesn’t last long.
The house, which is attached to the store, is approximately 1300 ft, two bedroom with a 15 by 30 great-room. There is an additional half bath in the storeroom between the house and store and another bedroom upstairs over that.
The Forest Service lease is a ten year renewable lease that has been in place since 1958 when the store was originally built. At present, it is $500.00 per year. It had been transferred three times, since 1958. We acquired it in 1982. It covers the land only, not the improvements or inventory.
The Forest Service has been very amenable to any improvements or additions that we have done over the years. All of the facility, the restrooms, showers, picnic area, RV dump station and of course the store, are open to the public. We built an information kiosk with maps etc for visitors entering the County from the West.
The RV Park currently has nine sites with water and electric hookups. There is room for expansion between the store and the highway. We have several people who like to stay all summer and many who come up several times a year for a week or so with ATV’s or just to relax.
The income is realized mainly in the home and utilities being paid for, allowing you to live free. It fluctuates according to tourism but usually around 50 to 60 K per year and we have been closing during the winter lately. There is a music production company that is putting on festivals on the property just below the store. These events will prove profitable in the future. There is also the possibility that the US Post Office will soon be installed in the store and that would be very beneficial and profitable.
Utilities; We installed a new well in 2012 so water is about $20 per month, the electric includes the house, Laundromat, RV Park, store and shops. It can run from $100 to $500 per month depending on the time of year. Propane fluctuates with the season and we sell propane in the summer so that makes it more. We heat primarily with wood heat, a stove in the house and another in the store.
The laundromat and shower bldg was constructed in about 1995 as was the RV Park. The Laundry is well used by RV patrons and locals.
The Deli is very active and we have a reputation for “The Twain Store Sandwich”. It would be possible to open up a breakfast and lunch counter along one side of the store.
Groceries, we try to keep a lot of non-perishables (canned goods, beverages, boxed items) and of course we have the milk, bread etc that all has dates. We have frozen microwave foods and a snack counter with a popcorn machine, soda dispenser, coffee machine, microwave.
Mining equipment, we are the only Keene equipment distributor in the area.

Park Information

Year Built:1999
Size:5.0 acre(s)

RV Space Information

Number of RV Lots:9

Amenities and Other

Laundromat: Yes
Manager Office: Yes
Bathhouse: Yes
Store: Yes
Wifi: Yes