2008 Gold 40

RV for Sale in Houston, Texas

Sale Price: $95,000

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RV for Sale

Year: 2008
Model: Gold 40
Status: Active
Property ID: 562112
Partner ID: 115323051
Posted on: Sep 08, 2015
Updated on: Feb 05, 2016
Price: $95,000

Property Description

2008 Alfa Gold 40, This Is a top-of-the line motorhome with the highest ceilings in the industry and an incredible amount of floor space. It rides on a world-class Freightliner chassis, has been rated one of the safest motorhomes to drive, and has one of the best engine/transmission combos in the industry. Combine this all with the fact that is only has 26,000 miles on it and I think you will agree that this is a bargain! This motorhome is highly customized because we took our young family on the road for a year and we wanted it to feel more like a home than an RV. We also value floor space, and so we reconfigured some things to make that happen. Now we've moved into a brick-n-mortar home and this RV is just waiting for the right buyer to come along and continue the adventure. Some of the things we have changed, replaced, or improved include: -Replaced carpet with wood (cork) flooring throughout -Re-upholstered all valances (they have quite a bit of color now, mostly peacock type colors), and also the booth dinette. -Painted all interior walls, so there is no more blah paperboard. There are two colors: light blue and deep purple-ish color. It all goes well with our valences. -Removed king bed and built a custom murphy bed (wall bed). This may be one of the most unique murphy beds around and it creates an incredible amount of additional floor space during the day. -Replaced inverter with the ProSine 3.0 (3000W, pure sine wave). Now our microwave keeps correct time, and I'm not burning up my appliances! -Replaced the water pump --Replaced motor oil, filters, fuel filters, generator oil, generator filters, and air filter at about 21,000 miles. -Had a full chassis inspection and service at about 20,000 miles (everything was perfect) -Re-configured the master closet a bit to make better use of the space. -Completely serviced the TwinTemp heater system. It got all new fluid and works great. Additional Highlights: -MCD day/night shades throughout -Tire covers and snap-on window covers for front are included. -Basement air conditioner, which is significantly quieter than the rooftop models. -additional roof-top air in the front of the bus for those days of triple-digit temperatures.