RV Details

  • Year: 2020
  • Model: UNITY MB
  • Property ID: 1670325
  • Partner ID: 5021508905
  • Posted On: May 17, 2022
  • Updated On: Dec 16, 2022

Property Description

This has all the amenities of a "Leisure Lounge Plus". I've added many features to make it complete for Boondocking 24/7. Six 110 Watts of solar panels wired for optimal voltage [3 pairs of series into parallel], Victron MPPT 150v/60a Controller, 4 100Ah Lithium batteries with heaters, Victron 500a Shunt, 3000-watt inverter, all wired with 4/0 AWG using 450a bus bars. 50a DC to DC charger with remote so that alternator will charge the house lithium batteries. Fan added in battery/inverter compartment that comes on automatically when the inverter is turned on. Bunch of technical stuff that I can explain if needed. All 120v electrical outlets work off the inverter [you don't have to be plugged into shore power nor turn on the generator]. Now you can use the microwave, coffee maker, watch TV, and do anything else electrically just like you were plugged into shore power. Electric dump valve switches inside & in the outside Utility Bay. Don't have to get out in the rain, cold winds, snow, etc to dump. Cell Booster by WeBoost Comes with all the bedding [mattress cover, sheets, soft blanket, 2 pillows], towels washcloths, and hand towels. All shelves have nonskid material. Also added more adjustable shelves. The kitchen & other cabinets have motion detection lights. TV can now be listened to via Bluetooth headsets. Convenient if one wants to watch TV & the other wants to read a book. TPMS - tire pressure monitoring system with an alarm system if any one tire gets too low. Automatic levelers. The generator has the 'Auto Start" function. You can set the AC thermostat and the generator will automatically come on at the desired temperature. Real handy if you leave your pet in the LTV & then go off for a day of site seeing. Most of the above can be monitored or operated via an app on your phone. WiFi via Winegard Connect DISH satellite system [can be changed to Direct TV] Over the air TV channels I have been guilty of asking my wife to drive while I sit in the recliner & watch NFL. Utility area: stainless steel flexible hose to quickly attach to a water supply. Have in-line filtration attached. Spray hose to wash down pet [or your bike, which is what I used it for] The electrical 30a hookup has a surge protector. The kitchen sink has an additional [3rd one] filter. There is also an extended warranty with unlimited miles and goes through August 2026 There's a custom-made bicycle rack on the back of the LTV [1 picture shows it]. It was made for an E Trike

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