Sheldon Good & Company is the most recognized and respected name in real estate auctions in the United States. Founded in 1965, the unparalleled industry leader has sold billions of dollars worth of properties in every asset class of real estate. From commercial portfolios to foreclosures to single family residences to new condominium developments, Sheldon Good has provided the most successful platform to market, move and acquire property in the history of the industry.

Recently acquired by Racebrook Capital, a full-service real estate consultancy and private equity fund, Sheldon Good enters the 21st century with a firm hand in the past and a strong eye to the future. Modern technologies, sophisticated economic modeling systems, and a nationwide distribution capability led by the a proven executive team demonstrate the company's commitment to staying ahead of its competitors and changing the real estate transaction landscape.

Gone are the days of guessing at auction prices. Gone are the days of hype over substance. Merging experience and proven tools with the technologies of today, Sheldon Good & Company is revolutionizing the real estate auction as a marketing tool, and ensuring that clients maximize returns with their real estate purchases and investments. A proprietary Auction Pricing Model delivers the highest price to the seller and best value to the buyer.

The firm's innovation is widely acknowledged by prestigious publications such as Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal and others. The company’s headquarters are now located in New York City, with key regional offices in Chicago, Miami, Denver, San Francisco and other strategic locations nationwide.

Boasting the highest closing ratio for sales of commercial and residential property of any auction company, Sheldon Good & Company works with sellers to build property-specific marketing programs that ignite the selling process.

Using customized models, insight into data analysis, and extensive real estate expertise, our momentum-building auction strategy creates a proven sales mechanism that sells real estate properties of all sizes and types.

We offer accelerated sales strategies, open-outcry auction programs, sealed bid offerings and loan sales throughout North America and the Caribbean.