Ability Access is a leading provider of access & mobility equipment. For over 30 years, members of our staff have been installing lifts and ramps throughout parts of the country. Ability Access is dedicated to providing simple, trouble free, space efficient access to your home or RV at the best possible price.

As many people are looking to upgrade or downsize to a mobile/modular home or RV, they commonly overlook the fact that stairs can become an obstacle they have to consider. The first thing most people think of, is to build a ramp. In most states and communities, building codes require a 1 in 12 slope. This means for every inch of rise you would need a foot of ramp. ie: (32” high porch would require a 32 foot ramp.) In most instances this is very inconvenient or there is simply not enough space to build to code. For this reason a porch lift is a far more practical space saving solution.

Porch Lifts are designed to lift a person standing or in a mobility device from ground level to porch level. They are designed specifically for any mobile, modular or standard home. They work off of a standard electrical outlet and are designed to give many years of trouble free service. They generally take up a 4’ x 4’ area, although smaller lifts are available for specific situations. They are designed for outdoor use and have been installed in most areas of north America. The cost of installing a porch lift is about the same as installing a modular ramp system to code. For those that have this knowledge a porch lift is almost always the smartest choice.

Modular Ramps are made from lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum. Modular ramps can be used for residential and commercial applications where space is not an issue. Many states require drawings and a permit for ramp installations.

RV Access Products are designed for three different groups of people.
1. Those who can stand, but have trouble climbing stairs
2. Those that can’t stand
3. Those who are confined to a wheelchair
Ability Access offers many products designed to make most RV’s accessible with little or no modifications.

If access into your home or RV is difficult, let Ability Access help you.

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