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  1. The Best Prices on Park Model Homes
  2. How To Earn Lifetime Rv Park Customers, By Frank Rolfe
  3. How To Find An Rv Park To Buy, By Frank Rolfe
  4. Opportunity for Additional Income
  5. RV Parks and Campgrounds For Sale
  7. Featured Listings
  8. RV Park and Campground Memberships For Sale
  9. RV Park Employment
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Our Newest Service – Park Model Homes for Park Owners

We have spent the last year working on this service.  We have negotiated the absolute lowest prices on park model homes from reputable manufacturers nationwide.  These homes can be used as vacation rentals, long term rentals or can be resold.  If you are going to add park models to your RV Park you should buy the best quality yet lowest priced homes available anywhere.

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 How To Earn Lifetime Rv Park Customers

There are over 8,000,000 RV owners in the U.S. And they all have to stay somewhere. But that’s no excuse for not treating every single one as though they are the most important customer in the world. That kind of attitude will propel you to the top of the pile in RV park owners – and reward you with outstanding occupancy and cash flow.

So how do you earn lifetime RV park customers?


It’s not enough that your customer should be pleased. You want them to be so excited about their experience that they tell all their friends! If you think about it, there are only a few things you have to do to over-deliver in an RV park:

* Have an attractive entry. It sets the first impression in the customer’s mind, and validates their idea to stay at your RV park all the others out there. There is no excuse not to have decent landscaping and an attractive sign. And the grass should always be manicured and edged.

* Greet your customer with a smile and a warm, sincere “welcome”. These folks are paying your mortgage, and they sure deserve more than a cold “what do you want?” This ties in to their first impression of their experience.

* Freely dispense travel advice. They are new to the area, and need a laundry list of things to do. And you need to know the times of operation and all the other information a concierge at a hotel can provide. It does not hurt to have a map and flyers to all the attractions handy that they can take with them. Isn’t that what you’d want?

* Check on them again after they’ve connected their utilities and settled in. Make sure everything is going O.K. It only takes a couple minutes, but they really appreciate the customer service – the same as when the restaurant manager checks on your during your dinner.

When There Is A Problem – Solve It

Studies have shown that a customer who is unhappy and then made happy is more loyal than one that never had a problem in the first place. This means that it is extremely important to solve every customer issue immediately and to their satisfaction.

Remember that the alternative to a happy customer is a walking billboard of negative feedback on your RV park. If you want to be successful, having an unhappy customer is just not an option.

When a customer problem pops up, remember the old adage “the customer is always right”. Don’t argue with them, or try to change their perception of what happened. Just fix it and move on. If they come in to pay, and thought it was $20 a night and it’s really $22, then don’t say “O.K. cheapskate, you can’t afford the extra $2?” Instead, say “I’m sorry for the communications error here, $22 has been our rate for the last six months, but I’m more than happy to take the $2 off. We really appreciate your business, and want you to come here the next time you pass by.” You’ve just spent $2 to get a customer for life, and one that spreads the word of how great your RV park is. Isn’t that a bargain?


You can have a long and rewarding career as an RV park owner and never have an unhappy customer. In fact, if you make it priority #1 that every customer is going to leave your RV park 100% satisfied, you will build a virtual army of public relations ambassadors, and your success will never be in question.

How To Find An Rv Park To Buy

Many investors are considering buying RV parks as not only an investment, but as a lifestyle choice. With millions of Americans approaching retirement, a very fundamental concept is combining one’s retirement years with one’s investment objectives – and this often points to an RV park as the best of both worlds.

RV parks not only offer high investment returns, but a satisfying, enjoyable lifestyle. The opportunity to be your own boss, and enjoy a beautiful scenic area, work with happy customers, and spend a good deal of time outside, is an unbeatable opportunity for most people.

But how do you find an RV park for sale?

Well, there’s more strategies than you may think.

Internet resources

There are hundreds of RV parks for sale, right this very moment, that you can view from the comfort of your home. If you have computer access, go on the internet and you will see more parks than you can consider in one day. The #1 website for listings of RV parks for sale is www.rvparkstore.com. It lists hundreds of RV parks, with their basic facts and locations. Another site is www.loopnet.com, although you will have to register on that site before you can see any listings. You may also find RV parks for sale on eBay and Craigslist.

The internet allows you so see a huge amount of deals simultaneously, which helps you to define the specifics of what you have an interest in – both for your budget and for your interests. Prior to the internet, it would have been impossible to see this many listings.

Direct mail

Once you have narrowed your geographic interest, it is advantageous to send postcards or letters to the owners of RV parks in those areas. You would be surprised how many RV park owners will respond to such a mailer. Their reasons for selling vary widely, from a death, divorce and estate planning, to a desire to travel or change locations themselves.

Even RV park owners who do not have an interest in selling may know other operators who do.

Cold calling

An alternative to a direct mail campaign is to call the owners of RV parks in the areas you have an interest in and see if they want to sell. This may sound more scary than it actually is – remember, you are not trying to sell them anything, only to give them money if they want to sell. You will find that most are very pleasant and more than happy to talk to you. They can also dispense a great deal of information on the realities of owning and operating an RV park.


As you look through the listings on Rvparkstore.com and other places, you will start to notice a small fraternity of brokers who deal exclusively in RV parks. You need to also call these brokers and see if they have any properties that meet your criteria.

You will soon find that most brokers specialize in a tight geographic area, and may have sellers who do not publicly list their RV park for sale. As a result, a broker may be one of your best ways to find the ideal park for you. And you can often negotiate more effectively through a broker, so they effectively pay for their own commission.


As a result of talking to a lot of people, the word will get out that you are looking for an RV park in a certain area. And that sets off a chain reaction of people hearing about you from word-of-mouth. It may be a friend of a park owner, or a different broker, or a banker settling an estate – it doesn’t matter, because you only need one.


For many people, RV parks are an ideal investment. And there are many available out there if you know where to look and are diligent in your search. Through a combination of the internet, U.S. mail service, and telephone, you can find hundreds of listings to consider in a very short amount of time.

Would you like to make an extra $100 per week at your RV park, and make your customers happy at the same time? Now you can, with one of our “$20 Old Tyme Photo” systems. 

You can provide your guests high-quality old tyme photos, in historical outfits tied to your local attractions, using green-screen technology, for the incredibly low price of $20, which is about 66% less than normal old tyme photo studios. So they’re happy. And you have margins of about 85%, so you pocket $17 after expenses. Only one per day would give you over $100 per week in additional income. 

The cost for the turn-key system, including all equipment, costumes and three-day training at our facility near St. Louis, Missouri, costs under $10,000. 

If you are interested, call me at (573) 535-0206. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 


Frank Rolfe

RV Parkstore.com

RV Parks and Campgrounds For Sale

We currently have over 500 RV Parks for sale and the list is growing daily. 

If you are looking to sell your RV Park or Campground you can do so Risk FREE.  Find out more about Selling your RV Park

Hello Diane,I am happy to report that our park has sold and we would like to remove the ad from the site. We thank you for your help in making it possible for us to sale our park without the cost of a realtor which saved us a lot of money. Thanks again and have a blessed day.Rosa and GregI think your services are great, I had more hits from this site than any other! However, my clients have decided to keep their property for the time being, so I would like to take the listing off your site.

Thank you!

Risa Carlsen Property Brokers of MN 507-269-4092

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Michigan’s upper peninsula, 67 miles west of the Mackinac Bridge

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Located on a bluff overlooking the 13,000-acre Lake Oklawaha (also known as the Rodman Reservoir), 

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I really didn’t believe your ads that said “Sold in 1 Day” due to vast number of units available on your site, but I woke up the next morning after placing my ad with you to a 7:30 am phone call with a buyer! That has been followed by about 8 interested parties with email questions before being able to write this email to you. Good job!


RV Park and Campground Memberships For Sale:

This section of RVParkStore.com is growing quickly.  Memberships are being listed and sold quickly.  With about 200 memberships currently for sale, this continues to be the prime outlet to buy and sell campground memberships. 

Best of all, when you are selling your membership, we do not charge you up front to do so.  You only pay us if you are successful in finding a buyer from RVParkStore.com. 

Find out more about Selling your Campground or RV Park Membership

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