November 2009 Newsletter

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  1. The Best Prices on Park Model Homes
  2. Why RV Parks Are Not Just An Investment, They Are A Lifestyle Choice, By Frank Rolfe
  3. How To Take Advantage Of The Recession By Buying An RV Park, By Frank Rolfe
  4. Opportunity for Additional Income
  5. RV Parks and Campgrounds For Sale
  7. Featured Listings
  8. RV Park and Campground Memberships For Sale
  9. RV Park Employment
  10. Tell us what you think and send us your articles!

Our Newest Service – Park Model Homes for Park Owners

We have spent the last year working on this service.  We have negotiated the absolute lowest prices on park model homes from reputable manufacturers nationwide.  These homes can be used as vacation rentals, long term rentals or can be resold.  If you are going to add park models to your RV Park you should buy the best quality yet lowest priced homes available anywhere.

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Why RV Parks Are Not Just An Investment, They Are A Lifestyle Choice

Why not “buy a job” if you can afford to? RV parks offer not only a real estate investment option – they offer a lifestyle enhancement. And for many busy executives, tired of the hassle of modern city living, they offer a chance to truly enjoy life – and get paid for it!

Owning an RV park offers a terrific lifestyle upgrade for many reasons:

RV park owners are their own boss.

Being your own boss means that you make the decisions and have complete veto power. It also means an end to stupid meetings and conferences which serve no purpose except to stroke other’s egos. You decide what is important, and what can be eliminated. You set the prices, you set the office hours – whatever you want to do. There is no one looking over your shoulder or criticizing what you do.

RV park owners are outdoors a large portion of every day.

If you enjoy being outside a lot, then an RV park is a perfect place to be. You day is filled with going out to look at lots and hook-ups and checking on common areas. A golf cart will replace your car as the vehicle you spend the most time in. If you are sick of your desk and office at work, then here’s a chance to be outdoors as much as you want.

RV park owners get to talk to people all day.

If you are a “people person” then you’ll love the continual contact you have with your customers. You can greet them, and then dispense travel ideas for them. You can hear about where they are from, and what they’ve seen on the road recently. And you’re effectively getting paid to talk, since the more you talk to your customers, the more they’ll want to come back to your RV park.

RV park owners are never bored.

When you own an RV park, your day is filled with many different roles and job skills. You are a salesman, an administrator, an accountant, a service manager, an engineer – all in a typical 8-hour day. If you are tired of doing the same boring thing day in and day out, then owning an RV park is your opportunity to have a varied and enjoyable day at the office – an office that you own.

And did I forget to mention some of the other benefits – like money?

RV park owners earn a lot of money. Let’s look at an example. If you buy a typical RV park with 100 lots, and you maintain 70% occupancy, at $20 per day lot rent, you’d have a gross revenue of about $500,000 per year, and a net income, based on normal industry standards, of about $300,000 per year. If you bought that RV park for $1,000,000, with $200,000 down, then you’d have an after-debt cash flow of about $150,000 per year – which is about a 75% cash-on-cash return per year! Now compare that to your current 3% return you’re getting now.

In addition, your RV park will go up in value as you manage it properly and groom its income and expenses. But that’s silly to contemplate – there’s no way you’d sell it, because you enjoy doing it.

And one other benefit – a legacy for your kids.

RV parks are not driven by technology, They are a bread-and-butter, low-tech industry that has no threat of future obsolescence. Your RV park will make a great asset for your kids down the road. All over America, there are family RV park businesses that have supported second and third generations. And can you imagine anything more fun that working with your kids or grandkids? Because that can certainly happen with your RV park down the road.


If you are ready for a lifestyle upgrade, and an investment that does about 20 times better than anything you’re currently doing, then check out RV park investing. No other form of real estate investing offers you these returns – and this lifestyle!

How To Take Advantage Of The Recession By Buying An RV Park

For those investors who believe in the adage “buy low and sell high”, there is no better time to buy something than during a recession. And of all the forms of commercial real estate, few drop as far in value during a recession as RV parks. If you are a contrarian and believe that the U.S. will eventually pull out of the current recession (which is a good bet since it has for over 200 years), then you should consider the ultimate in low pricing in the world of RV parks.

What is an “RV park”?

An RV park is a piece of commercial real estate that is used for the overnight lodging of recreational vehicles, although they often include cabins and camp sites these days. Your typical RV park has solid infrastructure of roads, pads, water, sewer and electricity, plus amenities such as an office/store, club house, pool and often miniature golf course, fishing lake or other draws.

They range in size from about 20 pads to as many as several hundred or more.

Why are they so cheap right now?

RV parks get extra punishment during recessions, as the RV market itself is battered during all downtowns – compounding the negative perception of the industry. When the economy falters, the first casualty are the RV manufacturers themselves, such as Fleetwood, which recently filed bankruptcy. RVs are clearly a luxury and not a necessity, and their sales plummet during recessions.

The price of gasoline has also hurt the image of the RV industry. With a standard 5 mile-per-gallon fuel efficiency, RVs are clearly gas-guzzlers. However, most RV owners are actually more affluent than the typical U.S. citizen, so they can handle the higher gas prices more effectively. Nonetheless, the general press reports scare most investors.

Finally, RV parks are a very funky business, and the market of buyers is always fairly small, so an event like a recession, even if it effects a smaller group of buyers, can cause dramatic declines in values. Cap rates in the RV business can often exceed 20% or more based on reasonable pro-forma of prior years’ revenue.

Nearly complete lack of financing

Bank lending on RV parks, particularly at this point in the cycle, is almost nonexistent. As a result, the prices that RV park deals can actually be completed at are based on a creative mixture of seller carry and cash – a combination that does not fuel very lofty numbers.

When you throw the absence of financing on all the other recessionary forces, it yields some of the lowest real estate values in RV park history.

O.K., I’ll admit its incredibly cheap. But will it ever turn around?

That’s a good question. But let’s look at the probabilities. You have the worst gas prices, lowest RV sales, lowest RV values and worst financing crisis in U.S. history. Do you think any of these categories will improve? If you think that we are stuck in this environment forever, then you need to start looking at getting your citizenship in another country, because we’re all doomed. If you instead think that this is a normal business cycle, then what do you think the net effect would be on values if all of these RV problems became fixed? Even just two or three?


RV parks are a great contrarian play – if you know what you’re doing. If you have ever considered buying an RV park, the time to do it is now while values are at an all-time historical low.

Would you like to make an extra $100 per week at your RV park, and make your customers happy at the same time? Now you can, with one of our “$20 Old Tyme Photo” systems. You can provide your guests high-quality old tyme photos, in historical outfits tied to your local attractions, using green-screen technology, for the incredibly low price of $20, which is about 66% less than normal old tyme photo studios. So they’re happy. And you have margins of about 85%, so you pocket $17 after expenses. Only one per day would give you over $100 per week in additional income.The cost for the turn-key system, including all equipment, costumes and three-day training at our facility near St. Louis, Missouri, costs under $10,000. If you are interested, call me at (573) 535-0206. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,

Frank Rolfe


RV Parks and Campgrounds For Sale

We currently have over 500 RV Parks for sale and the list is growing daily. 

If you are looking to sell your RV Park or Campground you can do so Risk FREE.  Find out more about Selling your RV Park


This park sold on 10/30/09. Please change the listing accordingly and phase it out how ever you normally do.

Your listing service was a great help. I received more calls through your web site than I did through the real estate brokers that were also marketing it. Thanks also for making the modifications that I requested during the sales cycle as part of your total price.


Featured Listings:

RV Park For Sale in New Mexico

Beautiful, Ultimate Retirement Location! Right off Highway 64 at the entrance to the Eagle Nest Lake State Park with great views of Eagle Nest Lake.

Find out more about this RV Park For Sale Opportunity!

RV Park For Sale In Arizona

21.5 acre RV park. Park is unfinished but it has been engineered and zoned for 100 spaces and 5 mobile home spaces.

Find out more about this RV Park For Sale Opportunity!

I really didn’t believe your ads that said “Sold in 1 Day” due to vast number of units available on your site, but I woke up the next morning after placing my ad with you to a 7:30 am phone call with a buyer! That has been followed by about 8 interested parties with email questions before being able to write this email to you. Good job!VioletRV Park and Campground Memberships For Sale: This section of is growing quickly.  Memberships are being listed and sold quickly.  With about 200 memberships currently for sale, this continues to be the prime outlet to buy and sell campground memberships. 

Best of all, when you are selling your membership, we do not charge you up front to do so.  You only pay us if you are successful in finding a buyer from 

Find out more about Selling your Campground or RV Park Membership

RV Park Employment Listings:

Are you searching for good quality employees or looking for a position with an RV Park?  Then be sure to visit our ever growing employment listing sections.

All listings in these sections are FREE!

Check out the Help Wanted Section

Check out the Work Wanted Section

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