RV and Mobile Home Park investors are challenged by the time it takes to source a quality loan for their unique investment strategy. The Madison Group works for you to provide alternative loan options from the nation’s top lenders, so you will feel confident that you have chosen the optimal financing for your long-term investment goals.


Our clients’ success is due to one simple thing:  TMG listens and then provides superior loan terms. Click here to review funded loans for investors like you.


TMG offers more loan programs to real estate investors:

  • Nonrecourse: LLCs, family groups, newly formed TICs, and investment teams. You can forego the personal signatures. Recent Closed loan – Mobile Home Park refinance.  $2.7MM, 3.95% rate, 10/30, Cash Out, Nonrecourse, 5 years Interest Only
  • Interest Only: This can provide maximum cash flow in a low cap rate environment. Recent Closed Loan – Mobile Home Park refinance.  $2.55MM, 3.55% rate, 15/30, 5 years Interest Only
  • Cash out: Refinancing a legacy asset with cash out for another purchase, or paying off other higher real estate loans, can increase yield dramatically. Recent Closed Loan – RV Park refinance.  $12.25MM, 3.95% rate, 10/25, Cash out
  • SBA Loan: True owner operated properties are eligible for SBA loans.  Up to 90% LTV. Recent Closed Loan - RV Park purchase.  $2.357MM, 25-year term & amortization. $21K operating line of credit.

Now is the time to secure great terms while indices and spreads are low.  Call direct, email, or click here to schedule a call for solutions to your loan needs.

I look forward to hearing from you,



Jeff Meierhofer
Director of Finance
The Madison Group