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  1. RVParkStore.com Announces First RV Park Boot Camp
  2. How To Create Spectacular Primitive Camp Sites, By Frank Rolfe
  3. Workers Compensation Insurance And Husband / Wife Park Management Teams, by Kurt Kelley of Mobile Insurance
  4. Opportunity for Additional Income
  5. RV Parks and Campgrounds For Sale
  7. Featured Listings
  8. RV Park and Campground Memberships For Sale
  9. RV Park Employment
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RVParkStore.com Announces the First-Ever RV Park Boot Camp
To Be Held Near San Antonio, Texas on October 2nd, 3rd and 4th

RVParkStore.com, the nation’s largest website devoted to investing in the RV Park industry, has announced that it will be holding an RV Park Boot Camp in New Branfels, Texas (Between San Antonio and Austin) on the weekend of October 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

The event will be held at the popular Hill Country Resort RV Park.

This event will cover all aspects of owning and operating RV parks, including finding, evaluating, negotiating, doing diligence on, purchasing, managing, operating, marketing, financing and selling RV parks. It will look at the full spectrum of RV parks, from 1-star gravel road parks to 5-star parks with pools, clubhouses, miniature golf and live entertainment. This will give attendees a feel for the many different types of RV parks, so they can decide what works for them.

The course is based on classroom instruction and field study – walking around real RV parks and seeing what the business is like in a real world perspective. It is taught by Frank Rolfe and Dave Reynolds, who have owned and operated over $100,000,000 in Mobile Home and RV Parks. There experience is augmented by several expert guests, and many real RV park owners.

Registration for the event can be made on-line at www.RVParkStore.com, or by calling (800) 950-1364.

How To Create Spectacular Primitive Camp Sites

A growing segment of the RV park industry is the use of “primitive camp sites” – areas designed for campers with tents, whose only need is water and electricity access. In an era in which gasoline prices are holding back many RV owners from their usual trips, the market for individuals who prefer the low cost and unique feel of camping over staying in a motel is growing rapidly.

At many RV parks, primitive camp sites are just a strip of raw land at the back of the RV park, with little planning or aesthetics. But it costs very little to convert an unattractive site to one that will remain in demand. Here’s what you need to do:

Decorative Fencing

To separate the campsites, and create a nice aesthetic experience for the camper, it is a good idea to erect some form of decorative fencing between sites. The two most popular versions are white vinyl split rail, and real wood split rail. Since these fences are merely decorative and are not designed to handle any use, either type is fine. All that is at issue is the aesthetic look you are trying to achieve. Normally, the real wood fits better with a more “rustic” park, with potentially gravel streets and tall trees. White vinyl seems to work better on camp sites that are served by paved roads, and with less vegetation.

Clear Markings

Not only is it vital to clearly mark which site is which, it is equally important to mark the utilities for each site, so there is no confusion between neighbors. The numbers should be clearly visible on the water and electrical connections, as well as at the front of each lot. And those markings should be professional quality signs -not something you spray paint on a piece of plywood.

Hard Surface – But Not Everywhere

When you camp, you never want to erect your tenant on a hard surface. Nobody wants to sleep on top of gravel. So the portion of the lot that the tent goes on should always be grass. However, when you are outside the tent, you normally want to have a hard surface that is not prone to mud – nobody wants a muddy campsite, in which that mud is tracked into the tent. A concrete pad is great, but gravel is also satisfactory.

Picnic Tables

Every good campsite should have a picnic table. Campers need someplace to eat and sit – and the picnic table has become the universal furniture of camping. They are inexpensive to buy and long-lasting. They come in various materials, but good old-fashioned wood seems to be the hands-down favorite to compliment the setting.

Fire Pits

A big part of camping is grilling hot dogs over a fire, and making smors on a skewer. When you provide a metal fire pit, you are helping the guest build a safe fire, and at the same time making sure that their fire is contained. A grill on the pit makes cooking easy.


It does not take much in the way of investment to provide your customer with a first-rate primitive campsite. Most of these items you can buy over the internet and install yourself. With so many RV parks trying to make up for lost revenue as a result of higher gas prices, providing top-quality primitive campsites is just good business.

Workers Compensation Insurance And Husband / Wife Park Management Teams

Recently, one of our insured’s advised us that they hired a husband and wife to manage their community. However, at the couple’s request, the community paid all the couple’s joint salary exclusively to the wife. When we found out about this, we advised the insured that paying them this way is a bad idea.

Workers compensation insurance pays for lost wages and medical expenses associated with on the job injuries of employees. Employees are defined as those receiving wages. Thus, if the husband wasn’t receiving wages and was hurt while working for the park, the workers compensation insurance carrier can reasonably deny the claim. Therefore, we recommended that the community owners pay the husband at least part of the compensation so that the workers compensation insurance policy would cover him, too. Workers compensation costs are driven much more by total payroll than by number of employees so the premium effects of this change were minimal.

Mobile Insurance
Kurt Kelley
25775 Oak Ridge Drive, Suite 110
The Woodlands, TX 77380
Phone: 800-458-4320 ext. 17
Fax: 281-292-7429
Email Kurt@mobileagency.com
Would you like to make an extra $100 per week at your RV park, and make your customers happy at the same time? Now you can, with one of our “$20 Old Tyme Photo” systems. You can provide your guests high-quality old tyme photos, in historical outfits tied to your local attractions, using green-screen technology, for the incredibly low price of $20, which is about 66% less than normal old tyme photo studios. So they’re happy. And you have margins of about 85%, so you pocket $17 after expenses. Only one per day would give you over $100 per week in additional income. 

The cost for the turn-key system, including all equipment, costumes and three-day training at our facility near St. Louis, Missouri, costs under $10,000. 

If you are interested, call me at (573) 535-0206. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 


Frank Rolfe

RV Parkstore.com

RV Parks and Campgrounds For SaleWe currently have over 500 RV Parks for sale and the list is growing daily. 

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I just wanted to let you know that the owner of the West Glacier KOA which I have listed with you has taken this property off the market. I will need to cancel my listing with you. I have lots of response from your site.

Thanks for your help.

Randy Zoesch, Realtor, GRI

Realty Executives Flathead Lake / Northwest Montana
Kalispell Center Mall
20 North Main Street, Suite 136
Kalispell MT 59901

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I would like my ad removed from your website, I just  completed the transaction for its sale. I would also like to send the $50.00 You suggested as an offering for posting the ad. Thank you for allowing me to post the ad, I received many inquiries and have been very pleased with your service. I know the fee is optional, but I think it is only fair that you receive something for the service you provide


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