Finding and Evaluating RV Park and Campground Investments

Of all the questions I receive from investors that are looking to purchase an RV Park or Campground there are two questions that are asked most often:

  1. How do I find an RV Park or Campground deal that makes sense?
  2. How do I place a value on that RV Park or Campground?

These are important questions and there are several ways to find RV Parks and Campground investments and even more ways that one can approach evaluation of that investment.  When I first started in the business about 12 years ago, I spent a lot of money driving across the country looking at listings I found in major newspapers and on the internet.  While this allowed me to see a lot of potential deals, it was a big waste of time and money.  Many times I would get in my car and drive 1,000 miles only to find that the park I was looking at was a complete dump, had unrealistic profit and loss projections, or was already under contract by another investor.  Continue reading