RV Parks – Is Buying An RV Park Worth The Investment

Do you enjoy people? Do you like being outdoors? Do you like being your own boss? If the answer is “no”, then buying an RV Park is the worst thing that you could do. If you answered “yes”, then read on and learn more about owning an RV Park.

The Financial Side of Owning an RV Park.

RV parks are a very high-yielding investment, with returns from 10% to 20%+ on your money. RV parks are among the highest-yielding of all real estate asset classes. So if your goal is to maximize the return on your money, RV parks are not a bad starting spot. Continue reading

How To Make Every Day A Holiday When You Own An RV Park

Many people live out their lives without really enjoying their work. Then they retire and try to enjoy their final years, but really spend all their time fretting if their retirement savings will hold out. What if you could combine investing your savings with having the time of your life? Well, you can. And here’s how to do it.

Analyze how much working capital you have.

The first step to taking control of your life is to know what you have to work with. Take an inventory of all your assets. If you buy an RV park, you will live inside the park, so you can include the equity in your home in your calculations. Of this amount, you need to hold back a healthy portion for security – never put all your money into a down payment, as you need elbow room for emergencies and just peace of mind. If you have $100,000 in liquid assets, then you will only want to use maybe $50,000 of that as a down payment. Continue reading

How RV Parks Are A Better Investment Than Single Family Homes – And A Whole Lot More Fun, Too

When most people think of investing in real estate, they always think of single-family homes. Since most of us own a house, we feel like we have a pretty good handle on evaluating them and spotting a winner from a loser. But the problem is that everyone thinks that! As a result, you have so many people chasing houses that there is no profit in any of them.

A different avenue to consider is buying an RV park. It’s such an exotic niche that few people ever learn or think about it. Continue reading