Investing In RV Parks

Rv parks can have good cash flow, without most of the traditional headaches of being a landlord. The downside? (Every investment has one.) The income can be variable and unpredictable.

We used to travel in a conversion van that we sometimes camped in. When staying at RV parks, I noticed that the managers always seemed relatively relaxed and cheerful. I think this may be because the job is not that stressful. It certainly isn’t like being a landlord. Continue reading

Best Keep Secret in Arkansas

Best Kept Secret: Motor Home Parks in Arkansas

Arkansas is a great state to drive though, and has a distinctive “laid back” attitude that might fit you, especially after experiencing the full power of neighboring states like Texas and Louisiana.  First, Arkansas offers plenty in the way of tourist attractions.  There are wilderness grounds, mining for diamond, hiking and camping activities and cavern tours.  Continue reading

Budget Vacation Packages

Budget Vacation Packages – What you Must Know to Get the Deals!

Sure, a vacation sounds good to you!  A free or low-cost vacation sounds even better.  But there are a few important points to remember when choosing vacation packages.  If you don’t think economically, and even cautiously, then your next vacation could actually turn out to be an extravagant bill you can’t afford.  Consider a four important points.  Continue reading

Buying Used Coleman Tent Trailers

How Not To Get Screwed Buying Used Coleman Tent Trailers

Coleman manufactures several lines of tent trailers for different consumer needs and budgets.  Included in these are the Americana Series with the Coleman Santa Fe and Cheyenne models.  The Americana Series is intermediately priced and includes special amenities like a swing-level galley and a stepper door.  The Coleman-Fleetwood Mesa model is another good buy, particularly for used tent trailers.  Undoubtedly, new RVs as offered by RV dealers can be very pricey and reach into the thousands. Continue reading

Where To Buy Coleman Camper Accessories

Whether you’re looking for camping supplies, motor homes or pop up trailers, or mechanical accessories to travel trailers, such as rv awning light sets, there are plenty of resources that can offer you accessories for a price – a high price or possibly a low price.  If you are shopping at retail stores like Target or Sears, then expect to pay top dollar.  Have you ever thought about shopping at an RV store or RV dealership?  While camping supplies might be priced intermediately, unless you meet a very friendly dealer (or know somebody) the RV store will probably charge you the full price for any RV part you need.  It’s convenient to buy merchandise with an RV vendor, so of course you will be paying extra for that convenience. Continue reading

Buying or Fixing up an RV

A Dozen Features that are Nice to Have.

RVs are a personal thing. Some people like the versatility of a lightweight trailer while others wouldn’t be caught dead in anything less than a forty-five foot bus conversion. In any case, there are a few features and characteristics that are nice to have in any RV. Some are usually only feasible in larger motorhomes or fifth wheels while others are viable in any RV. Keep these in mind when you’re purchasing an RV or planning your next remodeling project. Continue reading

Top 7 Ways to Keep Your RV Insurance Premium Low

You could be writing a substantial check for your recreational vehicle insurance depending on the RV you drive and your driving record. Industry experts estimate that insurance rates have risen 10 percent in the last couple of years, or an average of about $120 annually per policy. Since states regulate the insurance companies that do business within their borders, how much you may be affected varies by your state. Continue reading

How to Save Money on Gas for your RV!


Filling up is causing American consumers escalating pain in the pocketbook, with average prices at the pump approaching $3 per gallon. The main reason for rising costs is the price of crude oil, followed by the cost of refining. If a gallon of gasoline costs $2.90, crude oil accounts for about $1.60. Refining costs add another 64 cents or so to a gallon of gasoline. Distribution and marketing costs account for about 11 cents per gallon, and taxes are about 55 cents per gallon. These prices are determined by the global market, which dictates how much people are willing to pay at any moment in time. Continue reading

No Tax Financing

For some Americans, there’s nothing better than life on the open road. Many individuals—from retirees to couples tired of corporate life to recent college graduates—love to spend their days tooling around the country in their recreational vehicle. Yet, purchasing an RV can be quite an expense (even buying a used RV can be quite pricey)—and, on top of that, you have to pay out significant money in sales taxes. Continue reading

RV Generators – Power on the Road

Article by Michelle O’Connor, RV Insurance

Whether you own a Recreational Vehicle, or intend to buy one, you will need a reliable source of power. RV generators are designed to provide reliable power when you are out in the wilderness and to fit standard recreational vehicle configurations. Whether you are out in the boondocks, or at a campground without hookups, a quiet and stable power source can be a real plus. Continue reading